AUTHOR: Elle Mae O’Donnell

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Born and raised in rural Butler, Pennsylvania, Elle Mae O’Donnell has always had a love of writing. At just twenty-years-old, she introduced her debut novel, “Dóchas”, which combines her love of supernatural and romance novels. She currently majors in psychology at the University of Pittsburgh in Greensburg and spends her free time writing or talking with friends.


Dóchas: Hope Changes Things

Eden, Ruler of Geraldia, possesses the power to control the weather and a desire for vengeance. Miles, an enemy soldier, gets taken prisoner by her army. Now, Miles has to escape; the only way he can do that is by gaining Eden’s trust. But Eden’s trust is not easily won. What Miles doesn’t realize is that he’s stumbled into a life he only ever dreamed of. Will Miles fall in love with the girl who seems to bridge the normal and mythical? Or will he stick to his original plan and escape?