AUTHOR: Elliot A. Herland & Kaitlyn J. Marquardt

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Author Elliot A. Herland lives in Rosemount, Minnesota, with his wife, Julie. They enjoy an empty-nester lifestyle and their four adult children. Theirs is a blended family, each bringing two children into the mix. All four kids grew up hearing The Cloud Story at bedtime. The story wasn’t written. It was made up as a bedtime breathing meditation that continued until sleep arrived. Each night, Elliot used the same story line of releasing the stresses of the day by drifting on a cloud. Only the story’s details changed. This attorney-mediator-meditator used his creative imagination to negotiate his kids to sleep.

Illustrator Kaitlyn J. Marquardt is a successful graphic designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Katy graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design. She grew up as the youngest in this blended family. Art and design have afforded Katy the ability to freely express herself and better understand the world. This is her first children’s book; what began as a passion project between stepdad and stepdaughter grew into a beautifully crafted story.


The Cloud Story: A Bedtime Meditation for Children

"Remember. Take a deep breath." Breathing meditation is an excellent way to relax your mind and body. Let's learn this skill to help us drift off to a sweet, dreamy sleep. It's as easy as remembering to take a deep breath! Readers, hop atop a puffy dream cloud, and join our friends on a breathtaking flight over nature's beauty. We sail from beneath our special tree, up and across the ponds, forests, mountains, and more. Let's take it all in with our breath while meditating gently to sleep. It's time for bed!