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Emily Stalder Johnson is an emerging author who is passionate about writing Christian fiction to inspire and encourage her readers. An avid reader and writer for most of her life, she also enjoys creating Christian contemporary song lyrics and selling them. Emily lives in Lancaster, Ohio with her husband and roommate (who is much more like a brother to her), and their little zoo consisting of three cats and two dogs.


A New Hope: Second Chances and a Forgotten Boy

A New Hope
Second Chances and a Forgotten Boy
Sixth Edition
Emily Stalder Johnson

Young Dublin Pearson’s tumultuous life is suddenly changed for the better one day when a man he’s never met rescues him from his abusive father. Andy Caldwell takes the boy in as his own son and shows him love and kindness, teaching him about his horses and of God. But when tragedy strikes months later, Dublin must decide for himself if he can trust in the Lord.