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Ethan is a soul on fire that wants to share his spark with others.

“I grew up humbly. I lived with my brother and two brothers growing up. We also had a miniature schnauzer named Fritz. We figured the name was appropriate since he was a German dog.

“Growing up, I had this big chip on my shoulder. I felt I never really got my fair chance to succeed, but I was determined to create it for myself. Many kids rebelled when young, but my rebellion was personal excellence. I never quite felt that I was good enough, or worse, I felt I was caught in the purgatory of better than normal but still not excellent.

“I was told I was a failure, and that I was fat and stupid so many times that it drove me to prove others wrong. I wanted to prove to them, and to myself, that I was none of those things. This led me to go internal at times, completely locking down my emotions and feelings of self-doubt to allow myself to push past whatever barrier was in my way.

“I felt like I crawled to my feet and out of the dirt. Every day it felt like I was able to crawl an inch when everyone around me was going a mile. I was jealous of the opportunities that fell into the laps of others when I felt so starved. I realized that the only way to crawl out of the dirt was to become undeniable, becoming a diamond in the rough. I had an intense internal pressure to succeed so that I didn’t get left behind in the life that I wanted. This was the source of all my drive, this unwavering desire to just be free, and escape the circumstances of my environment. I just wanted a slice of peace in my life, so that I could finally just take a breath.

“Over the years, I realized that this anger inside of me was chewing me up. I never let my anger spill out onto others, but I was never kind to myself either. I struggled to see the value in myself or my accomplishments. I started to turn my lens inward with meditation and writing to help sift through my thoughts. I needed to face these emotions inside of me, to understand them, and let them go. It’s always going to be a work in progress; however, through introspection, we can clear the blockage from our mind to our heart. We can learn to lower our guard but still maintain self-worth.

“There are so many times I have felt defeated and beaten down by life, but the number one thing I have learned is that ‘There is always a way.’ The way may be through hellfire, but so be it; you have to be prepared to endure it all to make it through to the other side. Through patience, meditation, and an unrelenting work ethic, I carved out the piece of myself that could make it out of my personal hell.”


The Ink of My Soul and the Fire in My Bones, Second Edition

The Ink of My Soul and the Fire in My Bones is a thoughtful and vividly descriptive story depicting a young man’s battle with his quarter-life crisis. The story begins with a sense of urgency and panic as Ethan realizes he is about to graduate from college with a degree but finds no joy in his work. He questions what happened to his passion and starts reflecting on his most intimate memories and experiences to understand how he reached this point. While sifting through his feelings, he is confronted with the deep emotional trauma of his past. He comes to realize that his current sense of identity has been limited by unwittingly allowing events from his past to define him. When he gathers the courage to confront the aspects of himself that he once felt ashamed of, he discovers the strength to forgive both himself and those who have hurt him.

The author possesses a unique voice that blends elements from poetry, philosophy, and personal enrichment books. He sidesteps the typical clichés of personal development by allowing readers to draw their own conclusions about life, rather than rigidly outlining another 'thirty-two step plan to be a millionaire by the time you are thirty-two' kind of book. His narratives immerse the reader deep into the landscape of his mind and initiate a conversation about change.