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Frances Ellen Walsh is a gifted storyteller. “I thought I was there!” is a frequent reaction to her stories. She bases her tales on dreams and experiences in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and most recently Kashmir, India (in the Himalayas). An artist, writer, and professor with a PhD in Metaphysics, the author has interwoven elements of the magical and mystical throughout Travels with Ellyn just as she has throughout her own life.


Travels with Ellyn

Travels with Ellyn is an enchanting fairy tale and adventure intertwined with the philosophy that what you see in others is a reflection of what is in you. Each episode exemplifies a Metaphysical Law of the Universe; faith in a positive outcome prevails. As you explore realms with Ellyn and her companions, make discoveries about yourself, and follow their example by giving yourself permission to be the best person you can be. Together, always striving to do our best, we create a unified community and a peaceful world.

An American in Kashmir: Undaunted Love

Some fairytales take place in lands with castles and dragons. This adventure begins in America and proceeds to India where the unexpected is commonplace. Two diverse individuals meet—and realizing that they share a synergistic bond—unite their efforts to manifest emotions, life, and love. This non-fiction chronicle acknowledges that twin flames finding each other can persevere to burn as one. Miracles do happen, and mere mortals can surmount obstacles. Dreams do come true!

Beyond the Drawbridge

Einstein said, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.” One wise being in Travels with Ellyn warned, “There will always be mysteries. This is one that you do not have to solve. Learn to accept the unsolved.” In Beyond the Drawbridge, ride with three travelers on an adventure through hill and dale—through real and uncharted territory—and discover that travel within is as adventurous as travel anywhere in the world. Enjoy every escapade!.

Soul Tattoos: Indelible Milestones and Mortals

Fran Walsh Ward coined the term "Soul Tattoos" todescribe unforgettable, indelible marks that are left on us, inked by mortals and time-stamped by milestones.

Each story in "Soul Tattoos" is about someone or something that has left its permanent mark at the deepest level. We begin life as blank canvases that are embellished by memorable individuals and meaningful moments. We wear their marks of distinction as integral parts of us.

In "Soul Tattoos", the author shares significant individuals and episodes that have made a powerful, lasting impact on her. Perhaps they will remind you of your own Soul Tattoos!

Shattered Silence:
Stories of Loss and Healing

"Shattered Silence: Stories of Loss and Healing" is a poignant collection that explores the profound journey through grief and the transformative power of healing. Through a series of compelling narratives, this book offers a glimpse into the shattered silence that follows loss, and the courageous individuals who navigate the challenging path toward healing.