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Juggling the roles of dedicated Speech Therapist and resilient single mother to three lively boys, Gina brings a unique blend of compassion and strength to her storytelling. Her own journey took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in June of 2022. Battling through challenges, she underwent surgery to remove the cancer in November of the same year, embarking on a demanding path to recovery. Fueled by her own experiences, she penned this heartwarming children’s book as a way to connect with her sons on a deeper level. Through her words and illustrations, she delicately unravels the concept that mothers, just like their little ones, also experience fear and uncertainty. Gina’s narrative not only resonates with her own family’s journey, but also offers comfort and understanding to countless other families navigating life’s unpredictable moments.


Mommies Get Scared Too!

When life throws a curveball, moms everywhere must find ways to explain difficult concepts to their children. In Mommies Get Scared Too, author and Speech Therapist, single mom of three, and Multifamily Syndication, Gina, draws on her own experience of facing cancer to create a heartfelt and honest story that speaks to the fears every mom faces and to the courage it takes to share those feelings with our little ones. Through her story, Gina hopes to provide a gentle tool for moms to connect with their kids during difficult times and to foster understanding and resilience.