AUTHOR: Gina Marecki

Gina Marecki helps people grow and transform themselves both with her personal-training business and as an author whose stories are often about overcoming trauma. As owner of G Fitness, she conducts private and group sessions, focusing on women’s fitness and on using past experiences to help both women and men feel empowered.

Gina conquered her battle with depression, anxiety, and haunting triggers as a result of childhood sexual abuse and young-adult domestic abuse. She found healing through exercise. This motivated her to become a personal trainer, earning her NASM certified personal trainer certification and continuing her education in how movement heals the body and mind, eventually adding high intensity training, weight lifting, and Muay Thai kickboxing to her arsenal. Gina also found healing through writing. She shares her journey from victim to victor through her poetry and real-life stories.

Gina earned her bachelor’s degree in business at Boston College and lived in Boston for several years, working at John Hancock in marketing as an event planner. There she met her husband, Vaughan, and moved to Connecticut to raise a family. Gina loves fitness, writing, cooking, painting, and spending time with her family. Gina is a wife, a mother of three grown children, and has two cats.


The Ring

Ashley Ragan leaves her dysfunctional family behind in search of a new life. After meeting Stephen Keene, a cop ready to settle down, her life is perfect for a time. Then, Stephen's dark moods and violence shatter Ashley's fairy-tale life.

Once again, Ashley finds herself having to start over. She is introduced to the seductive world of mixed martial arts, where Ashley finds an inner strength she never knew existed. With time, she overcomes the obstacles of her past, leading her to love again. But, in the end, will her past catch up with her and destroy everything she's worked so hard to build?