AUTHOR: Grandparent Merit Badges ™

In the USA, Asia, Europe, and all corners of the globe, grandparents spend time with their grandkids doing all sorts of fun things. Most of the things they do together are the simple pleasures in life, such as visiting a zoo, borrowing a book from the library, or taking a walk.

These activities are an opportunity for grandparents and grandkids to discover, play, and grow together. But while the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have merit badges for when they gain a skill or learn something new, grandparents don’t.

But they should! This is how the first ever Grandparent Merit Badge was created. Of course, grandparents don’t participate in these activities with their grandkids in order to be rewarded. The mutual love grandparents and grandkids display every day is more than enough, and you can’t buy that kind of love and affection.

The Grandparent Merit Badges are simply a celebration and recognition of the thousands of things millions of grandparents and grandkids do every day.

Grandparent Merit Badges™ Books

Grandparent Merit Badges ™

The Grandparent Merit Badges ™ collection of fun-filled interactive, memory kits designed to help grandparents connect with their young grandchildren and to help families spend more time together while creating a treasured keepsake that will be cherished by the whole family for years to come.

The Grandparent Merit Badges ™ kit includes unique activities grandparents and grandchildren will enjoy doing together. As the activities are completed, they reward each other with the included merit badges and Certificate of Merit!