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Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D., is an award-winning author who concentrates on writing medical and business books that are detailed, comprehensive, and meticulously researched, to bring to market books with actionable information readers can use. Gustavo has been a successful entrepreneur, businessman, educator, inventor, healthcare executive, and consultant for the past thirty-five years. His academic background encompasses terminal degrees in health sciences and business administration. This broad educational background has made him quite versatile, achieving numerous successes in both the healthcare and business fields

His best-selling book, “Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream,” is a multi-award-winning book that describes a unique investment strategy. This strategy teaches investors how to consistently and safely generate a substantial passive income stream in all market conditions. This investment vehicle is particularly helpful in low-interest-rate environments like the one we have been experiencing for the past twelve years with no end in sight. Private Money Lending is an excellent reference source for anyone wanting to learn how to invest in private mortgages in a sound and safe manner. The investment strategy explained in this book can change your financial future for the better.

To date, some of the book awards garnered by Private Money Lending are:

• Axiom Business Book Awards-2016
• International Book Awards-2017
• Independent Press Awards-2017
• Next-Generation Indie Book Awards-2017
• New York City Big Book Awards-2017
• National Indie Excellence Awards-2017
• Best Book Awards-2017
• North American Book Awards-2017
• Chanticleer Int’l I & I Non-Fiction Book Awards-2017
• Clemens Medal-2017
• IAN Book of the Year Award-2018
• Literary Titan Book Awards-2019
• Book Excellence Awards-2019
• Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards-2019
• TopShelf Book Awards-2019
• Manhattan Book Awards-2020
• International Latino Book Awards-2020
• Chanticleer Int’l Harvey Chute Non-fiction Book Awards-2021
• IPPY Book Awards-2022
• eLIT Book Awards-2022
• FAPA President’s Book Awards-2022


For 2020 a revised and updated 2nd Edition of Private Money Lending is now available for purchase.
Another topic of interest for Gustavo is reviewing the literature on hair-loss research. In July 2017, Gustavo launched a new book entitled HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration & Reversal.

To date, HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration & Reversal has won the following book awards:

• Best Book Awards-2017
• North American Book Awards-2017
• Readers Views Reviewers Choice Awards-2018
• IndieReader Discovery Book Awards-2018
• Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards-2018
• IAN Book of the Year Awards-2018
• Chanticleer I & I Book Awards-2018 Semifinals
• Literary Titan Book Awards-2019
• eLit Book Awards-2019
• Next-Generation Indie Book Awards-2019
• TopShelf Book Awards-2019
• Manhattan Book Awards-2020

This book aims to educate the consuming public about the effectiveness of the many available hair-loss treatment modalities the consumers are subjected to. This book is an essential and valuable comprehensive guide for men and women who suffer from hair loss problems. The book provides the reader with a historical perspective regarding hair loss and the present and future trends of hair loss research. In 2021 HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration & Reversal was included in Bookauthority’s list of the 100 Best Hair Loss Books of All Times.

As of August 1, 2022, a revised and updated 2nd Edition of “HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration & Reversal” is available for purchase. This 2nd Edition of HAIR LOSS made the # 1 Amazon’s Best Sellers list in its category and continues to be part of the Top 100 Best Sellers list in several categories.

Gustavo is currently working on a new book tentatively entitled “DIABETES: Options for Prevention & Reversal.” Diabetes has been described as the silent pandemic that claims 4.2 million lives worldwide every year. That’s almost three times as many deaths as COVID-19. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Atlas, if current trends continue, 700 million adults will have diabetes by 2045 (9th Ed. 2019)

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Hair Loss, Second Edition: Options for Restoration & Reversal

Hair loss affliction is a stressful experience for both men and women. However, it is substantially more distressing for women. Living with hair loss can be a difficult experience to endure, especially in cultures that view hair as a sign of youthful vitality and good health. It is a topic of significant public interest for the fifty million men and thirty million women afflicted with the condition. Thus, it is a problem in search of a solution. Fortunately for the afflicted, science has been making noteworthy progress toward discovering potential treatment modalities to resolve the hair-loss problem.

If you are experiencing hair loss and in search of reliable, factual information on this important topic, this comprehensive book will provide the information you need to make informed and educated choices. The book HAIR LOSS: Options for Restoration & Reversal will educate the reader on the following topics and many more:

- Hormonal effect on hair loss
- Hereditary (genetic) hair loss predisposition
- Effectiveness of hair loss medications
- Topical dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers and inhibitors
- State-of-the-Art Hair Transplantation Surgery
- Hygiene and Hair Care
- Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
- Hair Cloning and Hair Multiplication Research
- Effectiveness of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
- Scalp conditions resulting in hair loss

Private Money Lending: Learn How To Consistently Generate A Passive Income Stream

Every investor knows that learning to generate a consistent, substantial, predictable, and safe passive income stream is the ultimate goal for anyone who wants to retire early and in comfort.

In fact, creating a consistent passive cash flow, that is sufficient to cover all monthly expenses, is considered the "Holy Grail" of personal financial independence. Therefore, if you have been searching for an investment that can safely help you generate a significant passive income stream, then this is the book for you.

Private Money Lending will teach you......
- How to generate a passive and abundant monthly income stream under all market conditions.
- How to consistently and safely generate this income stream.
- Why this alternative investment vehicle is less risky than investments subjected to the uncertainty and volatility of the stock market.
- Why most investors are unaware of this exceptional type of investment.
- How learning about this investment can positively change your financial life, and much more.