AUTHOR: Herman J. Galatas Sr.

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Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I lived in the Upper and Lower Ninth Wards most of my life. I also lived in the Seventh and Fifteenth Wards for a brief period. 


Creole Boy

It was a joy to grow up in New Orleans, Louisiana, during the sixties and seventies. The Big Easy was always, and still is, an urban community, where people take pride in their neighborhoods, the food they cook, the schools they attend, and the social clubs of which they are members. In addition to those experiences, all New Orleanians can share classic stories about their childhoods, including Mardi Gras events or tales about riding their bikes across the city then stopping at a local corner-grocery store to purchase a po’boy sandwich. I have shared some of my unique experiences that, hopefully, will help the readers of this book reminisce about their past experiences and cherish those memories while sharing them with friends and family.