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Irene S. Roth is a freelance writer as well as an academic writer. She specializes in Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Psychology and uses her expertise in these areas to write books that are informative and inspiring. When Ms. Roth is not writing and researching, she is teaching, crocheting, and quilting. She lives in Stratford, Ontario with her husband and beloved cat Toby and dog Dani.


Clock-In, Clock-Out, Catholics: In Search of an Authentic Faith

Many Catholics seem to be going through the motions of their faith and are not living authentically. Once they go to mass and dip their finger into Holy water they are done for the week. This is quite disturbing in light of the fact that Pope Francis keeps encouraging us to live a faith that is loving, compassionate, and authentic. Not only will this change in mindset help Catholics deepen their faith but it will open the floodgates of love and compassion for everyone that we meet. And that is precisely what the world needs more than anything else. In this book, Ms. Roth outlines eight easy steps that every Catholic could easily incorporate in their lives to become more authentic. The authentic Christian life doesn’t have to be complicated. But it has to be pure and honest.

From Spiritual Death to Spiritual Renewal and Growth

Many Catholics are simply going through the motions of their faith. They seem to be all caught up in the outside routines and obligations of the faith and not the inner work that is required to become an authentic catholic. I believe that if we are not growing in our faith we are stagnating. So, it is crucially important to make sure that we keep growing from the inside-out so that we can take on some of the challenges in our lives by making our faith central to our lives. This book will show the reader how to do this by developing new habits for spiritual renewal.

The Introverted Writer

Some of the most prolific writers are introverts. The introverted writer can usually write for hours and is very successful at producing manuscripts. However, what many beginning introverted writers struggle with most is the business side of their writing careers. In this book, I outline how introverted writers can celebrate their ability to produce manuscripts in solitude while take steps to develop the much needed skills to successfully send out their manuscripts consistently to potential agents and editors. It is essential for all successful writers to have a public platform for their work.

The Materialist Teenager: From Mindless Spending to Mindful

In this book, Ms. Roth discusses how raising authentic and media savvy teens is hard work. Parents have to help our teens live reflective lives based on their own authentic beliefs and values and not on those from our materialistic culture. This requires that we demonstrate these values to our kids and teens, one action and one moment at a time in the family. In this book, Ms. Roth discusses how we can help our adolescents live an intrinsically valuable life. Our teens are our future. They are our future leaders, educators, and exemplars. As they are growing up, they need our help to become the best that they can be. It is up to us to step up to the plate and take on this all-important challenge.

The Excellent Writer

Many writers shy away from the words excellence in writing. One of the main reasons for this is that writers lack self-confidence. They continuously second-guess themselves and they are always negative about their abilities as writers, regardless of where they are in their writing career. In this book, I examine thirty habits that if learned and, can over time turn every writer into an excellent writer. Then writers can hold their heads up high and know that they are excellent. There will be no more need to second guess themselves and to feel inadequate. This is a recipe for excellence.

The Healthy Writer

Writers have to write for long hours at their desk in order to be successful. Because of this, many writers forget to take care of their health. This can cause a lot of difficulty for the writer down the road, especially if she sits for years without exercising and taking care of herself. In this e-book, I outline twenty new habits that writers should take steps to develop to be physically and mentally healthy. I urge all writers to read this book so that they could be both healthy and productive because unless writers strive to be healthy they won’t be productive either.


This is the first book in the Empowerment Series for kids. It is a book about courage. It is an important topic for kids to learn. The next books in the series will be about self-respect, self-love, self-assurance, and self-confidence.

Shattered Silence:
Stories of Loss and Healing

"Shattered Silence: Stories of Loss and Healing" is a poignant collection that explores the profound journey through grief and the transformative power of healing. Through a series of compelling narratives, this book offers a glimpse into the shattered silence that follows loss, and the courageous individuals who navigate the challenging path toward healing.