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Irma Bernabe had a challenging childhood after her father passed away. Even though her mother worked tirelessly, Irma can’t recall ever having a doll, let alone a bicycle. However, these hardships led her to read whatever came her way. During her teenage years, she always read one of her favorite magazines called “Selecciones,” which her cousin Chuy often lent her. It’s thanks to him that she developed a taste for good literature.


Neptune: The Ice Giant

This short story will give you a reason to move forward despite losing someone dear to you; faith and hope are all that's needed, as Neptune and Lucy had. Besides, this story will take you to another time and show how Lucy moved on after the tragic events in her life. Aside from being a short story, it's true and filled with emotions that will captivate you with the outcome.

Fello the Camel

"Fello" is a story about a camel who left home believing he deserved everything in life. However, his unexpected new friends teach him a profound life lesson. As a result, Fello returns to his family understanding what truly matters in the world: giving with sacrifice and love, all while remaining unaware of the incredible gift destiny has in store for him, a gift so immense that he could never have imagined it in his wildest dreams.