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J.L. Mitchel, I’m an Upper Michigan restaurateur, homesteader and small-press alternative newspaper publisher. My evolutionary trek through the revolutionary times I lived and (mostly) remember, “One of Mine,” is a complete memoir.

As a youngster I moved from the wilds of upstate Michigan to what would become an epicenter of the 1960s counterculture movement. There was Woodstock. There was Haight-Ashbury. But there was also the vibrant Ann Arbor scene, as wild and colorful as a mescaline dream. I rode the school bus with Iggy Pop. Went over to Bob Seger’s house after school to hear the songs he was working on and later went on tour with him and other top rock & roll acts of the ‘70s as professional crew (by the way, many of us don’t like the term “roadie.”). Like Jimmy Buffett sings, I also ran my share of grass. Flew it, floated it, whatever it took to get the herb to the people. Pot was the lifeblood that united us. My Tommy Chong- Hunter Thompson escapades never brought me infamy or fortune. But they did net me this let-it-all-hang- out memoir that’s primo reading for those who lived the ‘60s and ‘70s and those who wish they had.


One of Mine

Picture yourself as parents of troubled kids. You're watching the late news in bed. Your kids are going out to hang out
with their friends somewhere. The news person says, we are reporting an incident involving some teenage kids in a car accident. Alcohol may be involved. We won't release any names until the parents have been contacted. It didn't have to be alcohol, it could have been drugs, a break-in...whatever.
You look at each other, without saying a word, you're both thinking, I hope it's not one of mine. This is a story about some of those kids. It's also a story of hope. Hope that your problem children will somehow pull out of it. Don't Give up on them!
My parents Miriam Elizabeth Remington
and John William Mitchell never did.