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James Chinery is a full-time pastor and chaplain who has always wondered if there were one or two hobbits lurking in his ancestral tree. He lives in Frankenmuth, Michigan, with his wife, three children, and two unruly yet goodhearted chocolate labs. His interests include fishing, hunting, reading, and doing his best to live as both a sinner and a saint.


Bane & Blessing

Anselm Van Helflyn, newly consecrated mage of the Antiochim, is sent out on a mission to investigate reports of dark magic being practiced in Askani. What he finds will shake the continent, challenge theologians and threaten the peace between man and elf that has existed for a hundred years. Has dark magic returned to Superion? The Superion Union declares no, but the evidence proclaims a more sinister truth.

Cleave the Darkness: Second Edition

For a hundred years, the people of Superion have enjoyed peace—until dark magic returns to their kingdom. Arch-mage Mikal is in exile, and Lazarus struggles to harness his newfound powers, as Anselm tries to balance serving his king and being a father. The responsibility for delivering the first blow in the war falls to Cornelius—who seeks to confront the evil behind the darkness in the Ironwood Forest.