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Janice Austin Bates has been writing since her teens. For many years, she produced mostly poetry. Having been born into a family with eight ministers in it, she has been studying the Bible all her life. From this grew her desire to help lead children to Jesus. Creation was the first book in The Adventures of Little Chrisamee series, which continues with The Fall and Salvation. There are plans for many more books based on her Bible studies. The author was raised in Northern California, where she still resides with her husband, Ray.


The Adventures of Little Chrisamee:
The Fall and Salvation

The Adventures of Little Chrisamee—The Fall and Salvation is the second in a series of books based on the stories of the Bible. This book shows how sin came into existence, and how God gave us a way to be forgiven. It is told through the eyes of an angel who is a little child so that other children can better relate to the narrative. When little Chrisamee doesn’t understand things, she always runs to Father God and asks Him about it. He explains everything to her. In this way, the books are designed not only to tell the stories, but also to help children understand why things happened the way they did. There are also little examples throughout to teach lessons, such as trusting God, talking to Him about all your problems, and staying close to Him.