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“From teething toys to sugar rags used in centuries past, children all over the world continue to need pacifiers,” says Janine, known as Mama J to her grandchildren. In her debut children’s book, she shows how a pacifier soothes infants and toddlers, and the crazy need that arises when it can’t be found. “Love absolutely makes the world go round, and similar experiences where belly laughs arise will forever connect us as families.”

Prior to COVID-19, Janine crafted family-success messages for a nonprofit dedicated to changing lives and expectations. She currently works as an instructional library assistant in a school district. Writing for parents, grandparents, and families all over the world, Janine has more books on the horizon to show how families are alike and share many experiences and loves.


Paci, Oh, Paci!

My daughter and her hubby were on a date night. I had the sweet pleasure of hanging with my two granddaughters. Lo and behold, Sandman started biting the youngest one. She kept exclaiming, "I want my paci!" Lordy, Lordy, it was nowhere to be found. To lighten the situation, I made up a song, and we clapped and sang as we searched for the missing pacifier. And so Paci, Oh, Paci! was born.

Turn that panic moment into a fun one as you sing while looking for that paci or chupón or wubby, or whatever your child calls it. What a happy moment it is when it’s found—one quite deserving of a flip, a jig, a smile, and a great sigh of relief! Because the alternative cry that could possibly arise from your little one’s lips will not be music to your ears! Praises, as they grow, they will no longer need a pacifier. It served its purpose, and their merriment continues with other loves.

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