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Jenna Case lives in Minnesota with her husband and two daughters. She believes in the beauty and good in this world and loves helping people embrace their own inner magic to help make it a better place. As a change management consultant, meditation instructor, certified healer, co-active coach in training, and student of metaphysics, she has seen how personal tools for change can transform people and create more harmony in their lives. All changes in the world start first with making changes within ourselves. Jenna is passionate about using what she has learned to tell stories and create fun activities to help her kids and others believe in themselves and more joyfully navigate life.


Saving the Earth Stone

As adults, we all can recall one or two favorite bedtime stories from our childhood. This passionately written story includes everything you'd hope to find in a magnificent bedtime story: colorful characters, a nice thought-out plot, a profound message, and, above all, a magical tale. This is a book that provides lessons for all - it breaks age barriers and will marvel the parents who read it and children of all ages who will listen. - Ann Collins, Book Reviewer

Words Are Magic!

I wrote this book because I wanted to find a fun and relatable way to teach kids about the power of their words/voice, and to better understand the responsibility they have when speaking to themselves and others. We all have gifts and power inside of us - using our voice is one way we can make a difference in the world.