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Author Jenna Tremaine is pursuing a degree in childhood education, with which she wishes to encourage all students to do their best and never give up. Tremaine’s main goal in writing this book is to educate children on Glenn Curtiss and to inspire them to do their best and never give up, following in Glenn Curtiss’s footsteps. Throughout life, we can reach our goals through the power of Growth Mindset.


Soaring through Glenn Curtiss's Growth Mindset: Dream Big, Work Hard, Fly High

Glenn Hammond Curtiss was an aviation and motorcycle pioneer from Hammondsport, New York, who left a lasting impact on the aircraft industry. He began his early life as a bicycle racer and later began designing and building engines for motorcycles and planes. Glenn was known for being creative and innovative. He remains a true inspiration. Throughout Curtiss's life, he developed a Growth Mindset, which dictates working hard and never giving up. This mindset fosters a drive to learn, grow, and work with others while achieving your goals despite any challenges. It is the tool that helped Glenn attain the title of the Fastest Man on Earth and the Father of Aviation.