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Jennifer Freudenburg graduated from Concordia Teacher’s College in Nebraska. As a teacher, she has taught children and adults of all ages. As she moved around the country, her career branched out; she ran small businesses and worked as a production assistant, executive assistant, client coordinator, and project manager.

Jennifer began working with cloth and thread at a young age. She has been an avid seamstress, tatter, quilter, and designer of projects.She has extensively traveled the U.S. and the world, assisting her husband with teaching and presenting family ministry to multitudes in many countries.


Be Silly, Be Dilly, Be Doodle, Be Doe.
The Be Attitudes We Should Know!

Do you love the fun and whimsical? Do you have a desire to help your dear ones possess and live out Godly attitudes and attributes? This is a colorful book to help stimulate creative ways in which children can be proactive and hands on in learning to act and live in a positive, Godly way.