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Irealle is a woman of many roles: mother of three, wife, daughter, sister, friend, therapist, comedian, and the list goes on. Her love for creative writing and character-building first began while studying theatre at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). She believes the imagination creates a breath of fresh air, an outlet and is excited to share her creativity with the world.


My Hair, My Way

"My Hair, My Way" follows Aria and Mommy as they prepare for picture day at school. As they sing their morning song filled with excitement, Mommy notices the excitement and songs slowly fade, and Aria seems to be troubled. What first appears to be a "bad hair day" turns into a morning adventure full of joy, magic, and Queen-like behavior! Who knew each of Aria's curly coils had a magic that only she could discover when she needed it the most? This heartwarming, lyrical ode serves as a great bonding moment for mothers and daughters across the world and sets the tone for self-love and confidence.

"To thine own self be true." - Shakespeare. Own your crown and let your light shine through. Remember, God took his time and designed it just for you!

Xoxo Irealle