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Jenny Watz owns a consulting business and works with authors, businesses, and leadership professionals to help them tell their stories in impactful ways.

As a communications professional with more than twenty years of experience working with varied industries and diverse audiences, she provides her clients with a unique perspective on how to craft their messages. Jenny provides coaching services for leadership professionals who want to write and publish books that help them establish credibility and authority with their audiences, be recognized as influencers in their field, and grow their business.

Jenny has edited more than two dozen fiction and nonfiction manuscripts and has ghostwritten two nonfiction books for independent authors. She is also a contributing author in two book anthologies: The Anatomy of a Book: 20 Industry Experts Share What Aspiring Authors Need to Know About Writing, Publishing and Book Marketing, and Spark: Women in the Business of Changing the World. In addition to Self-Publishing Made Easy: Strengthen Your Writing and Edit with Confidence, Jenny is working on her next book, Book Your Biz!, which will be published in 2024 for business owners who want to use books to build a profitable and sustainable business.

She has a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and English literature, a master’s degree in media communications management and public relations, and a professional certificate in editing. When she’s not writing and coaching, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband at home on a lake just outside St. Louis, Missouri, and volunteering with a rescue organization that takes in and cares for orphaned and abandoned senior dogs.

She can be reached through her Facebook group, The Entrepreneur’s Writing Room.


Self-Editing Made Easy:
Strengthen Your Writing and Edit with Confidence

Self-Editing Made Easy: Strengthen Your Writing and Edit with Confidence provides easy-to-understand ways for writers to edit their own words without getting bogged down by complex grammar rules. Jenny presents the information in a clear, concise manner, with a dash of humor to keep readers engaged, and gives relatable examples that writers can refer to when editing their own work. Self-Editing Made Easy not only helps writers edit their own work, but also helps them improve their writing in the process.