AUTHOR: Jessica Ehret

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Jessica is a Certified Child Life Specialist and USAF veteran from Wisconsin- where she lives with her husband and two children. She works at a hospital with pediatric patients to teach, prepare, and support them through various medical procedures. Her job is to reduce fear, provide developmentally appropriate explanations, and to facilitate coping and normalcy. Seeing her patients move from fear and anxiety, to calmness and even laughter is her greatest reward.


The Hospital Bedtime Story

Staying overnight in the hospital is not ideal, but Riley is able to find ways to think positively about the situation and the new surroundings.

"The Hospital Bedtime Story" is comforting, light-hearted, and intended to provide a bit of normalcy for children at a stressful time. Children tend to be fantasy thinkers; correcting their misconceptions about medical encounters can improve their perception of hospitals and health care for a lifetime.