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A Tennesse resident with roots in West Virginia, Jody enjoys spending time with family and friends, loves to travel and paint. As a former teacher, she has always encouraged children to reach for the stars. Her desire is to write stories that give children a love for life and dreaming big in everything they do.


What am I gonna do?

"What am I gonna do" is a whimsical short story about a silly frog who takes a little boy's lunchbox to school. Through his day, the boy is worried about what can happen to his lunch box and what he should do about it. With a big idea to overcome his dilema, the little boy achieves success and happiness.

What am I gonna do? The Tale of the Pesky Polar Bear

The second book in this series is sure to warm the hearts of every reader. The polar bear has a little girl's mittens, oh my what will she do? A dilemma turns into a great solution in the fun to read story.