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John Thrasher is a poet, writer, and upcoming author of the new novel “Order of the Zodiac”. He has been writing and designing other worlds and characters since elementary school, gaining praise from English teachers. With decades of doodling and writing fiction in school notebooks, John has polished his craft into mastery. John’s creativity comes from his hobbies of watching anime, playing video games, and reading.


Order of the Zodiac

Years after the infamous Gemini Banishment, Eris, a survivor, tries honing her combat skills in elemancy by attending an “elemental institute.” She is compelled to act, dreaming of becoming a member of the elite fighting force the Zodiac Order. However, her semester is cut short when her zodiac sign is discovered and she is chased through the Kingdom of Terra. She is aided by the enigmatic Mira and by a terra mage’s apprentice, Javine.