AUTHOR: Jordan C. Sullen

Following his NFL career, Jordan C. Sullen began pursuing the opportunity to leave a legacy in his other fields of interest. He has done notable work as an author and illustrator, working with some of Houston’s most esteemed artists and curators. Dividing his time between two impactful careers, he has become one of Houston’s “Names to Know” in one of the most diverse cities in North America. Sullen continues to make the most of the moments “when the game stands tall” both on and off the field.


Mally in the Middle

Life was drastically different for Jasper and Mally on the space continent of U.F.Africa. It was just another day for the boys as they were out test-driving the new spaceship. But after Mally hit the wrong button on the deck, the spaceship unexpectedly came careening down towards N'awlins. Upon their landing, the boys crash upon a chipped, painted wooden space. Unlike anything they have experienced back home, this place offers frozen treats to visiting patrons nearby. To the boys, these concoctions look like beautifully colored, frozen comets inside sturdy white objects. Mally and Jasper cannot resist their new earthly cravings. This summertime tale of friendship and snoopiness is sure to give children a fun treat to cool them down.

Flower, Flower, Give Her Power

In the care of her single father, Magnolia is more dutiful than the average little girl. Because of these circumstances, Magnolia has no choice but to be independent, even as she struggles with self-confidence. She tries to overcome her fears but worries about making mistakes. What strikes Magnolia as a mistake suddenly turns into a moment that will change her household forever, as this little girl learns that mistakes are a part of being human. Magnolia will teach all girls to be bold and beautiful.

Numbers Don't Lie

At a time when everything seems to have changed in the world, nothing seems to have changed in the way black people are seen. As we seek to have our voices heard, Black children need to understand the value beyond the criticism they face each day in America. Black children are our future, and we must plant the right seeds now for them to live fruitful lives later.