JT Diaz lived in Wisconsin most of his life, after his grandparents emigrated to find better jobs. At twenty, he moved to San Antonio to start a family. For over five years, he worked in an immigration holding facility, where he continued to hear the stories that not many will ever hear. JT then joined the Army National Guard, where he was given the opportunity to work with border patrol agents to assist in a task force mission. After seeing and hearing what many of the people endure trying to either gain freedom or provide for their families, he decided to create this fictional story based on real-life events that continue to occur. JT lives in San Antonio with his wife and daughters.


The Long Camino

The Long Camino tells the compelling story of Joaquin Navarez on his journey to America. After escaping a growing Communist country in Honduras, Joaquin was orphaned and promised his mother that he would continue on to America. Though it will be a short trip back to where he is from, it was a very long road trying to get there. He had every reason not to come to America, but only needed the one reason to never quit trying.

Joaquin's story is one of many who have made that treacherous journey for a chance at freedom or simply to provide for their loved ones. He prays that God will give him the strength to not give up, despite all the obstacles in his path. Although thousands of people continue to make this journey daily, there are just as many who don't make it. He knows, once he gets back, he must figure out what he will do because his life may very well depend on it.

This is only one story.
This is Joaquin's story.

Lecciones de Vida:
El momento que cambió mi historia

El mundo está lleno de momentos que marcaron las vidas de incontables personas, y son esos instantes los que indican el pasado y abren las puertas al futuro, al cambio. Tales relatos son algunas de las más enternecedoras memorias de la humanidad, y aquí presentamos quince de las más significativas que hemos encontrado. Todos merecen contar su historia.

¿Y tú?, ¿cómo es tu historia?, ¿qué te sucedió?, ¿cuál fue el momento que cambió tu vida?