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Julie Ann Holmes began her official working career as a Network Technician (cable splicer) for Mountain Bell in the late 70’s north of Denver, Colorado. She proved her abilities to perform the same jobs as the men she worked with and gained their acceptance and friendships over the twelve years as a splicer.

This story details the journey of achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Columbia College, Aurora, CO. campus and her Master’s Degree in Organization Development from American University, Washington D.C. because of a mentor. She recently founded her own consulting practice – JAHolmes Consulting L.L.C.

Her “non-traditional” career has given her the opportunity to work in telecommunications, oil and gas, Class 1 Railroads, Major Utilities, Chemical, Manufacturing, Public Transit, Mining, and Behavioral Based Safety.

Ms. Holmes enjoys living in Colorado for the beautiful scenery and weather which allows her to ride and compete in Hunter/Jumper equestrian events throughout Colorado and occasionally winter circuits in California and Florida. She has been riding since in third grade and over the years has won many year-end awards – most recently 2014 Amateur Hunter Champion; 2014 Amateur Equitation Champion, and 2014 Amateur Horse of the Year went to her horse Coolidge.

Since 1993, Ms. Holmes has also been a volunteer at The Children’s Hospital of Denver where she enjoys spending time with hospitalized children and offering her humor, wit, and companionship.

She has established a 501c3 organization called “Second Chances Ranch” to protect Thoroughbred race horses from being slaughtered after their racing career and find them new jobs such as show horses, companion animals, and retirement candidates.

The goal of this book is to help other “non-traditional” women recognize the natural leadership skills they have and start the mentoring process with them. I hope to help them become more visible to the organizations for whom they work. These women truly are the diamonds in the rough and are tremendous assets.

If you would like to find out more about leadership coaching and/or mentoring in your workplace, please contact Julie at:


Persistence "I Know You Can Do This!"
How Non-Traditional Women Open Doors

This is a story of inspiration and determination.
How mentoring someone can change their life, and give the mentor unbelievable, unimaginable reward/satisfaction. One woman's story of her fork in the road opportunity because of her Mentors - Edith Whitfield Seashore and Charles Seashore.If you want to Mentor, or to be mentored, you will learn to: - Be open to an opportunity.- Have a desire, wish, idea about who you could be if...- Recognize that a path may be put in front of you, and you only have to take the first step.- Trust, and hear from someone credible, that you are good, and could be successful at what you want to do.- Be persistent, and not giving up on your dream, or yourself.- Learn how to understand Loss and Recover- Find Purpose in what mentors taught-
Pay it forward in ways that make sense for you.