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Julie Kemp and Landon Whitley live in North Carolina. This mother and son are sharing their journey with others to bring hope to the world. Julie has been a GriefShare Facilitator since 2008. She is the author of “Faith Has Its Reasons”, which describes how her grief journey transformed from one of mourning to one of joy. Landon’s miraculous visits to heaven allowed him to see his Heavenly Father and his earthly father. Now, twenty years later, Landon can still be found on the ball field with his special angel in the outfield that he calls Dad.


Carretera al Cielo

Esta increíble historia lleva a los lectores a través de las experiencias de un niño en el cielo. Cuando Landon comparte su viaje, ayuda a los lectores a encontrar consuelo al conocer la belleza que les espera a todos aquellos que creen en Jesús. Las visitas de Landon al cielo traerán consuelo a cualquier niño que haya perdido a un ser querido y les asegurará que el cielo es un lugar maravilloso. Si bien la belleza del cielo es más de lo que las palabras pueden describir, Landon ofrece a los lectores un vistazo de su maravilloso viaje por las calles del cielo hechas de oro.

Faith Has Its Reasons

“Faith Has Its Reasons” shows readers how struggles, heartache, and tears can transform from a nightmare into a ministry. This book contains the encouragement to take the first steps out of grief and climb the mountain out of the valley of the shadow of death. This book will also inspire those that may question heaven. A child’s amazing visits to heaven gave him the courage to tell others about Jesus. His bravery and boldness after dying and losing his father will open your eyes to how God can use an unthinkable tragedy for His glory. If you have endured a catastrophic loss and questioned God, this book will show you how to persevere and find happiness again.

Highway to Heaven

This amazing story takes readers through a young boy's experiences in heaven. As Landon shares his journey, he helps readers find comfort in knowing the beauty that awaits all those who believe in Jesus. Landon's visits to heaven will bring comfort to any child who has lost a loved one and will assure them that heaven is a wonderful place. While heaven's beauty is more than words can describe, Landon gives readers a glimpse of his wondrous journey on the streets of gold.