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Karen Kasper is a native of Owatonna, MN. After a 24-year office career, she decided to retire her high heels and to slip on her coveralls and barn boots. Her farm tours and involvement in agricultural programs allows her to share farming facts and life skills. Karen’s hobbies include volunteering, growing unique pumpkins and cooking. She will say “the best thing we raised on the farm was the kids.”


First Comes Work
Then Comes Play

Work can actually be fun! Kids don't get bored on this farm as they explore, discover and create their own fun all while getting daily chores done. See what motivates them into doing their work first and then letting their imagination kick into action.

Everyone works together to get the chores done. The kids quickly discover that if the work gets done efficiently, they have more time for fun.

Little Pumpkin Pickers

This day on the farm is packed full of pumpkin fun, for babies, toddlers and everyone.

We will see cows, kittens and a pig named Wilbur, as we cruise around the farm in a John Deere gator.

The kids jump on bales, enjoy clowning around and seeing every site on this dairy farm.

After swinging on the porch and eating their lunch, they pack up their pumpkins in each of their trunks.

Time to go home, but please come back, there's a lot more to see, you're guaranteed that!

Jose's Farm Adventure

Cock-a-doodle-doo is the sound you'll hear before dawn on this farm. Ride along to deliver calf bottles and to see kittens scurrying around. Meet the other animals and Charlie, the farm dog, who understands English and Spanish. See how much bubbly fun Jose has while working with his Papa. Those silly farm animals will also make you laugh. It's a guarantee that you will be asked to read this story again, again and again!

A Suitcase of Seven

Follow the adventures of these seven little puppies as they learn, play and come to life in this story. These little white, snuggly pups were born on Halloween only to become that special Christmas gift for another family. They have fun playing with each other, chewing on shoes and each other's ears. Sometimes daddy has to scold them. One puppy learns how to be a "cow boss"; find out how that happens! As all the puppies are adopted and delivered to their new homes, one puppy is left all alone. Will she get adopted in time for Christmas?