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Kathleen Gorman is a retired reading specialist teacher who lives with her husband, Bill and their three dogs. She graduated from CSU, Fresno, where she received her Master of Arts degree in Reading and Language. She and Bill enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. The gift of storytelling runs deep in her family. Growing up in Central California, she listened to her father’s and uncles’ stories. Bits of their stories find their way into her storytelling.


Why So Many Rules?

When Kiwi, a rambunctious mini-Aussie puppy, spies a beautiful butterfly in her backyard, she forgets all about the rules she just recited. She digs under the fence, but has a nagging feeling she's forgetting something. You bet she is-Rule #5! Chasing after the pretty butterfly, she gets lost. What will she do?

The Mystery Hidden in a Name

What's in a name? According to Merci's teacher - a whole story! But when Merci asks her dad about her name, she feels a little disappointed. "I'm named after a boxcar?" Her dad explains that her story also includes - - two World Wars, foot-soldiers, horses, figs, raisins, and some brave grandfathers. Excited to hear more, Merci soon learns that her name, which means Thank You in French, holds an important place in America's history.