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Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Kimberly Fleck is a small business owner, social media creator, author, podcaster, storyteller, autoimmune warrior, wellness activist and animal advocate. She holds a Master of Arts in special education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with minors in history and women’s studies. She currently resides in Connecticut, where she lives with her rescue dog and rescue cats. At the core of Kimberly’s being is her love of all animals and her passion around humane education and self-care. She’s been a member of the Cat Writers’ Association since 2017 and involved in animal rescue for decades. Learn more about her at


Wisdom in the MEOW

A simplistic and fun way to approach your daily life through the lens of Wu Kitty and her trusty sidekick, Finnegan, the white dog with the brown spots.

Wu Kitty and Finn provide insight on how to be more present and open to all the beauty and love that surrounds us. They discuss the importance of self-love, laughter, forgiveness, connecting with nature and learning to slow down. We can learn a lot from animals when we take the time to listen. Living in the MEOW is what they do and they would love for you to learn how too.

Sabiduría del MIAU

Una manera simplista y divertida para aproximarse a la vida diaria a través de los ojos de Wu Kitty y su confiable cómplice, Finnegan, el perro blanco con manchas cafés. Wu Kitty y Finn nos muestran su perspectiva para estar más presentes y abiertos a la belleza y al amor que nos rodean. Ellos hablan sobre la importancia del amor propio, la risa, el perdón y la conexión con la naturaleza.

Podemos aprender muchísimo de los animales cuando nos tomamos un momento para observarlos. Ellos viven en el “MIAU”
y les encantaría que lo vivieras con ellos.