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Kimberly A. Williams originally from the city of New York has worked in the Social Work field for fourteen years. She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University specializing in children and families. Kimberly worked with children and teens in the school system for many years. She has also worked with youth in foster care. Kimberly has seen the effects of sex, drugs, and peer pressure on the youth of today and desires that this Princess Handbook will address some of the many issues that teenage girls face. Kimberly has a close relationship with her family and attends church regularly. She grew up in Queens, NY and remembers what it was like to want to fit in with the popular crowd and to make the wrong decisions. She wants young ladies to know no matter what mistakes they have made Jesus Christ is always waiting with open arms to love them, forgive them, and welcome them into the family of God.


Young Ladies of Character, Restoring the Princess Ministry

The Young Ladies of Character: Restoring the Princess Ministry Curriculum is designed to teach young ladies how to a live a lifestyle based upon biblical standards. It is a curriculum for female adolescent/teens with the purpose of building their self-esteem, encouraging them to maximize their education, value their youth and integrity, and cultivate etiquette and manners. The first twelve sessions, taught to new members, are based upon the Book of Esther; the second six sessions, taught to returning members are based upon the Book of Ruth. Completion of these sessions should result in each participant feeling accepted and special-that they are the BEST and ONLY version of themselves; they are God's Princesses.

Young Ladies of Character: Restoring the Princess Ministry: PRINCESS HANDBOOK

The Young Ladies of Character: Restoring the Princess Ministry, PRINCESS HANDBOOK is a fun book full of activities and Princess Thoughts that were designed to encourage and uplift young ladies ages eleven to eighteen, and twenty-one. The Princess Handbook talks about the relationships girls have with friends, family and even boys. It will make you think and help you live a better life. Reading and completing the activities should leave you feeling special, and that you are the BEST and ONLY version of yourself; you are God’s Princess