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Kodi B. Pride is a multifaceted woman dedicated to family, inspired by dreamers, molded by challenges, and refined by God. She is married with four children, three living and one transitioned. She is an occupational therapist, a federal contractor, a licensed minister, the founder of the Lorelle F.A.I.T.H. Foundation, a ghostwriter, and a consistent backer of numerous entities in ministry and advocacy. Yet Kodi’s most profound achievements are embedded in her testimonies, not her resume. Her mission is to live a life that exemplifies the statement, “Who I am represents Whose I am!” Ministry is her life, and she is dancing her way through it.


The Bereaved Believer

With a riveting passion for sharing God’s unconditional love and ministry, Kodi delivers a genuine and graceful perspective of grief. Pouring from a transparent and sacred space, Kodi writes passages that expose bereavement’s shattering effect and focuses on surviving loss. Through devotion, Kodi creates insightful reading that provokes thought, reflection, tears, and triumph. No stages of grief are explored; instead, these pages take us on a journey that connects all readers, regardless of their particular loss. As a griever and a believer, the true pain of loss is experienced deeply, yet is spiritually awakening.