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21BOOMHealth & Fitness Industry Consultant

Korey is a well-known fitness expert in the world of health, fitness, and functional movement. He is trained in human movement and exercise science, but his primary interest is mentoring coaches to utilize personalized and science-based systems that transform the body and mind.

For over twenty years, Korey has led a specialized team of movement and motivation experts. Since 2015, the organization has transitioned to a live and interactive online platform, providing the highest quality healthy lifestyle experience. Today, those who seek guidance, support, and motivation to live a better life can participate from anywhere in the world. Convenient access to the community, personal accountability, holistic education, personalized exercise instruction, and motivation is a game-changer.

In addition to small group training found on the 21BOOM personal wellness platform, Korey often provides healthy lifestyle, movement, and motivation seminars around the country. Reach out to Korey at if he can assist you with organizational or personal wellness.

Here are Korey’s credentials:

• M.S. Kinesiology, Indiana Univerisity
• B.S. Exercise Science, Washington State University
• Kettlebell Instructor, Level II, StrongFirst
• Health/Fitness Instructor, American College of Sports Medicine
• Certified Functional Movement Specialist, Functional Movement Systems
• Original Strength Approved Instructor
• Neurokinetic Therapist, Level I, Neurokinetic Therapy
• Reflexive Reset Certified, Level I, Reflexive Performance Resets


Move Forward

Why wasn't this written years ago? It could have saved me countless dollars, endless frustration, and despair-and today I would be the me I knew I could always be. Korey McCoy has created an inspirational how-to manual for overall wellness. His life-changing principles, including diet and exercise specifics, are simple to follow. They make so much sense you'll find yourself hitting your head in amazement. I love that no huge, expensive pieces of equipment, workout wear, or prepackaged foods are needed to transform your body and sense of well-being. Throw out all those books and tapes-this is all you need to start on your road to health, wealth, and harmony. Regardless of age, physical condition, or emotional health, you need this book!
- Ann Collins, Book Reviewer