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Kristen Walsh has been felting her own artwork and teaching others for over 100 years… Okay, really, 20 years or so. She loves showing others the techniques needed to create felted art, but her real passion is what happens while that art is being made. Kristen “grooves” on the conversations that occur and relationships that form when people make art together. She feels that art that is made “from the soul” is the art that has impact when others view it.

Kristen teaches out of her studio and travels to teach workshops whenever she can. Her award-winning art has been seen in galleries across the United States. Kristen lives with her husband in Connecticut and is “Mom” to a grown son and Bill, the cat. This is her first book.

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Layers: Felted Art Projects Sparked from the Soul

What is it about art that gets to the heart of things? Often deep questions, longings, and wounds, as well as joy, bubble up when making art. Could it be that seeing a manifestation of these inner feelings and emotions helps us to work through the difficult parts of our lives and even bask in the glorious parts?

This book takes the reader to a deeper place of creativity. Using her own life as an example, the author illustrates the link between our internal world and the art we create. As she says in her book, "I believe that in doing something creative, we open ourselves up to more-more emotion, more understanding, more empathy, and more of everything. This is one reason why art is so great for working out our issues and wounds, as we are more open when we're doing it."

Each project in the book includes thoughtful prompts to help the reader "dig in." This digging in is what transforms technical and mechanical processes into personal, meaningful art and assists us on our road to healing and living a more authentic life.