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LaKeesha Griffin is an attorney with extensive writing experience advocating for justice, equity, and absolution. Her experiences led her to the great revelation that the Word of God is the perfect law. She believes God’s Word encompasses all things she has advocated for her clients. However, she believes the difference is an overarching focus on love. Griffin has accepted her call by God to reveal His relentless love by highlighting God’s glory and manifestations of Himself in our daily lives. Griffin lives with her husband, three children, and Great Dane in Montgomery, Alabama.


Biblical Roots for Your Week:
Manifestations of God's Word

Everything in our day-to-day is a great display of God's glory. What we see, hear, feel, taste, and even smell is a showcase of His magnificent power, and more importantly, His love for us. It is God's intention for us all to learn from His showcase. It is by finding glimpses of His glory we see our mustard seed of faith manifest into fortified roots.

In Biblical Roots for Your Week, transform your mind by learning to value common, everyday occurrences that reveal what is hidden to the world but declared plainly to those who venture to see the evidence of God's glory by faith. The pointed messages, prayers, and lesson applications foster a deeper revelation that the Word of God bears root in our everyday routine, making us more receptive to it. This transformation can be experienced in your personal time, small group, or church.