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Libby has helped thousands of children and teenagers as a teacher and school counselor. She has worked with students ages 5-20 from various backgrounds for over 18 years. While working in the schools, one thing she noticed is that all people struggle with grief, regardless of their age. Her hope is that these short stories will help others understand grief better and encourage communication of grief in a positive and healthy way. Libby enjoys hiking in nature, baking cookies, reading in bed, walking her dog, having dance parties in her kitchen, and doing yoga to clear her mind.


The Many Faces of Grief

These interactive stories from around the world help children and their loved ones learn how to communicate about grief. Each story provides a scenario that children can relate to in their grief journeys. Readers will discover new ways of dealing with grief and will be able to discuss their own experiences with grief while answering questions about each story. This book is a great tool for parents, teachers, counselors, and other mental health professionals.