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Years ago Lisa took out a simple piece of paper and wrote down three goals she wanted to achieve… be in a successful marriage, travel and write a book! Today Lisa has completed all three with her first book, “The Road Less Traveled… A Guide to a Positive Marriage”. Through the inspiration of her husband Steve and spending six months riding with him in his semi truck traveling the west coast, Lisa has taken her pastors degree and her work in christian counseling to offer many unique and positive ways to a more successful marriage. Growing up and living most of her life in Minnesota, Lisa plans on continuing traveling only now as a couple visiting churches to host marriage seminars based on her book.


Gratitude + Grace = Growth
A 31-Day Devotional

"Lisa really mastered herself with her current devotional book, Gratitude +Grace = Growth. Teaching by accountability, self-awareness, and finding balance, this book brings you to life, guiding you to recognize yourself and praise God for all He has done and to continue to be thankful for the love that He has for each and every one of us."
Review from an early reader, Allison

Oh For Crying Out Loud
Tears of Joy Devotional

In "Oh For Crying Out Loud, Tears of Joy Devotional" Lisa Cassman weaves together wisdom, insight, and inspiration drawn from her rich tapestry of experiences as an author, speaker, pastor, and life coach. With a background in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and a deep commitment to helping others navigate life's complexities, Cassman offers a heartfelt exploration of faith, love, and the pursuit of purpose.

Finding the Beautiful You

Lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem affect us in more ways than we realize. Our self-esteem—or lack thereof—affects our decision-making, relationships, and even job opportunities. Undervaluing ourselves can lead to a self-fulfilling spiral of declining opportunities. Asking thoughtful questions to help us look at ourselves, and offering practical advice based on biblical truth, readers will be encouraged to do what it takes to find our intrinsic value in God’s eyes.

The Road Less Traveled

This common-sense guide on marriage offers practical ideas for any married couple, whether you have been married for a long time, recently tied the knot or planning to in the near future. Offering simple solutions to everyday romantic ruts, the author spells out what you need to do to keep the fire in your relationship alive and the flame burning brighter than before.

The Light in Your Eyes

They met for the first time as guileless teenagers at a summer camp. She never forgot the light in his eyes... Lifetimes later, after the years had parted them, grown them up, gotten them married to other people, started them respective families, brought them through difficult broken marriages, they reconnected. Now, happily married to one another, these poems, written across the past thirty years, document Lisa's journey into what love means, as Steve showed her, starting when they were hopeful teens. Theirs is a love story of novels, plays, and poetry. And these are the poems born of it.

Talk Before Text: A Prayer Journal Guide

Prayer is powerful and the world is full of needs, but do you ever feel so overwhelmed by all that you could be praying for that you feel stuck?

Here is a journaling guide to help you pray daily for such a wide variety of issues—from praying for our country, churches, schools, and towns, to our friends, family, and the state of our hearts. Come and speak with your God.

Buddy and His Big Truck

"Buddy & His Big Truck" is based upon looking into the life of a truck driver and what they may do or see throughout their journey, whether it is a short run in a city or a long haul across the country.

Ride along with Buddy on his next delivery.

Stepping Into Growth: A Workbook of 7 Strategies to a Godly Self-Esteem

Do you want more peace, more happiness, more confidence, more freedom to love and trust in your life? Utilizing the power of prayer and the design of God for our emotional, social, and physical well-being, Cassman gently leads the reader through 7 steps to personal growth. Guided journaling helps the seeker uncover what it is from their past that has kept them stuck and how to move forward into the freer, fuller life God intends for them.