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Louis Harvey Adams was born on July 13, 1923, in South Louisiana, the middle of “Cajun country.” A spiritual person from early in life, he was raised in the Catholic faith. He spent most of his adult life living in Lake Charles, LA, while managing his rice farm, raising purebred cattle and three children while loving his wife of 63 years. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from McNeese State University. Yearning to learn more about God, he attended Loyola University in New Orleans, St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, Texas, and the University of St. Thomas, also located in Houston. At these universities, he earned a Master of Theological Studies and a Master of Religious Education. He was a leader in the Charismatic movement in the area as well as a Theologian in the local church parish. Working closely with the Bishop and Monsignor, he became a mentor to many. He felt that a very important purpose in his life was to serve God and others by teaching them about God. He has dedicated himself, to fulfilling this purpose for almost a century.


God's Friendship Third Millennium Theology

What if you viewed God as a friend? Someone you loved as much as He loves you. A strange theology for some, but one that author Louis Harvey Adams came to through a phenomena he explains in the book. Somewhat autobiographical in nature, he shares this theology, which he previously discussed with many colleagues, friends and family members who accepted his view as a viable doctrine to bring peace to those who read it.