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Lynda Bulla grew up in Southern California and has resided in a small farming community of Fresno County for fifty-eight years. She lives with her husband on a ranch where the open fields have inspired many poems and stories. Lynda has a variety of work experience, working as a library assistant for ten years and as a substitute teacher, and is now a real estate broker. She has a BA in liberal studies from California State University, Fresno. It was during her return to college in 1980 that she discovered her love for writing. Lynda and her husband have three children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild, with another on the way soon. They also harbor too many stray dogs that find them in the country.


Greenhorn Mountain Mystery

The old cabin looked odd at first glance, as if it had been constructed by accident. The area surrounding it held far more promise for adventure. Tall pines, winding trails, huge rocks, and flowing creeks spoke to Braydon of unlimited opportunity to explore. He still had his doubts about this vacation. His dad was deployed, and it was just his mom and younger brother, Jace. Two whole weeks without video games. Moms don't know about exploring and adventure? Here, Braydon would learn to fish, explore, imagine, be self-reliant, and the difference between real adventure and virtual. He would solve a mystery, have fun with his brother, and learn his mom was way cooler than he knew.

Geese Police on Patrol

Serve and protect is the motto most police live by. And the geese, police on Harrow’s farm, are no exception—catching thieves, finding the lost, responding to emergencies, controlling unruly mobs and solving mysteries.

Their sage advice brings comfort in times of distress, and gratitude from the receiver of their gentle care. Although the inhabitants are all different, their only connection is their home; they all work together to honor their heroes.