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Lynn April lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, Matt. Lynn’s full-time job is at a lab bench in an immunology lab, but she practices a different kind of science in her home kitchen in the evenings and on weekends. Lynn loves creating new recipes, putting them to life, and sharing them with friends and loved ones. If you can’t find her in the kitchen or behind her camera lens, there’s a good chance she’s at the gym with her husband or sipping a cup of coffee in her sweatpants.

Baker and blogger Lynn April started her blog in 2014 as a place to share her recipes. In her first book, Lynn offers over twenty variations of puppy chow, her favorite snack to make and eat. Her recipes are inspired by some popular desserts and indulgences: pies, cookies, cakes, and beverages. The best part about these desserts is they don’t require forks, spoons, or plates!


The Chow Down, Irresistible Cereal Snack Mix Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy

From April 2011 until January 2014, I ran an in-home custom cake baking and decorating business. I loved every second of it until I didn't love it anymore and decided I needed to call it quits. A few months later, I started writing Fresh April Flours, a blog where I could share my recipes. Since then, I have taken much pleasure in virtually baking with people all over the world, and in helping bakers of all ages find a happy place within that is covered in powdered sugar. Nothing makes me happier than when someone trusts my opinion enough to ask me for "the best" recipe for something they would like to make. That's what you'll find in this book: my favorite varieties of the ever-popular puppy chow. The recipes I've developed are easy and come together quickly, and several of them are flexible in the way of ingredients. Because puppy chow is more of a snack mix, it's easy to cater any specific recipe to your liking by adding or removing ingredients you love or don't love, increasing or decreasing amounts, and using your favorite varieties of each ingredient I suggest. My recipes are simply a guide to creative snacking. I want you to have fun with your puppy chow, maybe get your kids involved (they're really good at shaking the bag), and turn these treats into something innovative you can use for entertaining, gifting, or simply enjoying as a weekday night treat. Follow along with me! I promise, this will be delicious.