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M.M. Rodriguez lives in Central Texas with her husband and their five dogs. Writing is something she has always enjoyed, but never had the courage to share until now. This is her first book of poetry in which she shares pieces of her life experiences throughout her years. She hopes that by sharing her writing, she will reach others who, like her, struggled with physical and mental abuse from a young age. Reading and writing were her means of escape to another world where the dangers of the real world could not reach her. She hopes that her poetry will serve as a candlelight to those who feel torn, lost, and misunderstood.

When you feel as if the world has failed you, you learn to fight alone. When the sun finally shines upon you, it is hard to trust that the light is meant for you. You feel undeserving, afraid, and too unfamiliar with kindness. If you have ever felt like a helpless child, then you may find this poetry relatable. M. M. Rodriguez wants to encourage individuals everywhere to write and to share their struggles because writing can help relieve your soul, as well as the soul of others.



“Umbra” is the ultimate guide to understanding, navigating, and embracing your emotions. Reading this book will provide readers with the confidence and clarity to master their own emotions, and to better understand the emotions of those around them. This book provides an in-depth look at emotions and the many ways they can be managed. It includes easy-to-follow activities, examples, and exercises to help readers gain a greater understanding of their own emotions and those of others. This book is a must-have for anyone looking to gain insight into their emotions and live a life of authenticity and joy. You feel; they feel; we all feel. Therefore, by putting ink to paper, we relieve the soul and reclaim a piece of sanity needed to survive. When feelings overwhelm, our bubble we must burst in order to adapt and live in the world as it is now.