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Magda Botteri is a renowned international broadcaster who records commercials, narrations, e-learnings, IVR and audiobooks. She is the voice of the airport and the Metro in Lima, Peru. Her voice identifies the TEC and Cinescape programs on América TV and Radio Corazón.

Throughout her career, she has worked for children as her character, La Tía Botas. As a children’s teacher, writer, and singer, she has always been concerned with carrying a positive message, both in her stories and in her songs. Her collection of 12 stories, “Tales with Values,” has many characters from under the sea that have become the favorites of many children in Latin America.

She has a YouTube video channel called Tía Botas Oficial and all her songs are on streaming music platforms.
Magda is Peruvian, but has resided in Las Vegas, USA since 2016 and continues to work for children by publishing weekly Children’s Tales with La Tía Botas on podcast platforms.


Orlando, el pulpo Valiente

Moral value: Bravery
Orlando is a mimic octopus who can take the shape of other animals. When his cousin octopus is being harassed by predator fish, Orlando must learn to be brave and confront them. Remember that each story has a song in Spanish, which you can find on music platforms such as "Orlando the octopus".