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Christina Benavides has enjoyed creating fictional stories since she was twelve years old. Her days are filled with medical quality control and her evenings with creating fictional fantasies.

Christina lives in South Texas. She enjoys cooking, baking, and socializing with friends and family. She also enjoys watching crime shows and listening to true-crime podcasts.


Becoming Still

Christy Mills left home with her best friend. They headed for a college halfway across the United States and never looked back. She has worked hard for her accomplishments and has tirelessly built a career she can be proud of. Little did she know that you cannot outrun the past. You see, the past has a funny way of resurfacing in unexpected ways. She currently lives a quiet life in the heart of Washington, DC, but that hasn’t always been the case.

James Still is the quiet and brooding type. He’s spent years building an empire while simultaneously strategically avoiding romantic relationships at all costs. That is, until he meets the doe-eyed girl in the bar.

This story will carry you through Christy’s postcollegiate experiences, recounting the trials and tribulations she has to surmount in order to create a future.