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Maria Lei Antonio is a full-time student at Elmira College, triple majoring in childhood education, special education, and English literature. Maria grew up and resides in Beaver Dams, New York. At a very young age, she knew that she would pursue a career in education due to her love for children and determination to make a difference. Her radiant personality makes her stand out amongst the crowd.


Field Day for Eugene: Kindness, Acceptance, Inclusion

Everyone is unique in their own way. "Field Day for Eugene" is about a young boy who has a physical disability. One of Eugene's classmates notices that his wheelchair may impact his participation in field day. The class realizes that even though Eugene has a disability, he is still capable of achieving amazing things. In a world with so many differences, we can all decide to be kind, accepting, and inclusive.

If Dreams Could Fly: Patience, Passion, Perseverance

Dreams are meant to be big and ambitious. If Dreams Could Fly is an empowering story that encourages children to chase after their goals and dreams. The book focuses on a little girl and her journey to accomplish all she wants in life. Will you take the leap and be as courageous as she is? All you need is patience, passion, and perseverance.