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When first-time author Marianne Paidas was eight-years-old, she and her Aunt Re would feed all the birds that came to visit in her backyard.Fun facts abounded; but more importantly, the lessons that nature can teach humans about kindness led to the desire to write this book. An English teacher for many years, Marianne always emphasized the themes of kindness and empathy found in literature.What better way to reach children than writing a book about her beloved birds and what can be learned from them? Always a steward, Marianne, who is a wife of forty-one years, mother of three, and meems of two, raises future service dogs for Canine Companions. Her newest pup, Delphine, lays by her side as she types.


Wheet, Wheet, and Repeat!

Two very special visitors arrive at eight-year-old Sarina's kitchen window. So begins an adventure into the wonders of nature. Sarina watches two cardinals eat their breakfast every morning at her bird feeder, a birthday present from her mother. Many questions pop up, but one in particular puzzles her: Why does the male feed his mate when she seems perfectly able to feed herself? With the help of her mother, Sarina figures out the splendid answer as a big surprise reveals itself and makes Sarina gleefully exclaim, "Wheet, wheet, and repeat!"