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Marie Renée Thadal, a Haitian native with a pioneering spirit in science and technology, holds a Biochemistry degree from Douglass College, Rutgers University. She continued her education with a master’s in Cosmetic Science from FDU and an MBA from Rider University, Norm Brodsky College of Business. Her unique blend of scientific and technology expertise propelled her to the role of Vice President of Sales & Operations at a global software company, while also serving on the board of directors for the National Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Passionate about lifelong learning, she thrives in her STEM and business career.

Beyond her professional achievements, she is dedicated to community service. She founded a non-profit to support students at the primary school she attended in Haiti. In her leisure time, she enjoys exploring diverse cultures through travel and marvels at the wonders of nature. She is a proud mother of three and resides in Robbinsville.


Stability The Belle of the Ball

Life is full of unpredictable journeys, and for thirteen-year-old TiFoune, those journeys lead her away from her home in Haiti to a life of uncertainty and adventure. TiFoune is resilient and determined to make her parents proud and fulfill their dreams, but the unfamiliarity of her new environment brings her feelings of fear and loneliness. With perseverance she embarks on a journey to discover her destiny, facing unexpected obstacles and challenges along the way. Will TiFoune's journey be worth the sacrifices she has to make and the life she left behind?