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Marissa Molina is a free artistic spirit and owner of Imagination Reality. In 2016, she met her husband, Arbonne Molina, who was born and raised in central Maui. He is the love of her life and her dream come true. Together they support one another’s entrepreneurial businesses and dreams of becoming philanthropists.


The Adventures of Poi 'n Kai
and the Seashell Snatcher

A series about a young girl named Kai and her best friend Poi who both deeply desire for everyone to feel important, heard, seen, and loved.

Poi and Kai want to make a beautiful necklace to enter the Seashell Necklace Contest and win a shiny prize! As they're collecting shells to make their necklace, they run into the dreadful Seashell Snatcher! Join them on their first adventure to discover who the Seashell Snatcher is and learn the importance of understanding, teamwork, and forgiveness.