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Serendipitously, Martha Link Walsh discovered the art of paper-cutting 50 years ago and has dared to devote her life to the art she loves. Growing up with the freedom to explore the woods and beaches around her home, Martha always felt connected to the wildlife in her surroundings. Martha operates a gallery in her hometown of Branford, Connecticut, and the essence of her art is about story telling. Each of her paper cuts has layers of meaning and symbolism, giving depth to each story. She has expanded her cut-out designs from the commissioned heirloom art cut from one piece of paper to those creations with layers of colored paper as seen in Shared Spirits—Connecting to Nature’s Wisdom. Using various scissors or a scalpel, Martha’s hand-cut art has been featured in many print publications and is showcased in her three Christmas-themed books.

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Shared Spirits: Connecting to Nature's Wisdom

Our connection to the natural world is ever-present. Crows are self-aware, just like us. Pandas need their alone time, too. Do you ever wonder what a squirrel is thinking as he leaps from branch to branch? Just as our beloved pets "talk" to us, wild creatures do the same. Shared Spirits-Connecting to Nature's Wisdom illuminates that connection. These animals entertain you, teach you, share time with you, give you strength, and encourage your imagination. Humor, love, and kindness are all shown through the words of wisdom and the beautiful paper-cut illustrations in Martha Link Walsh's newest book. Thirty-two captivating creatures share their thoughts with you. Shared Spirits-Connecting to Nature's Wisdom will be enjoyed by all ages, connecting heart and soul.