AUTHOR: Mary A. Hilson

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Mary A. Hilson was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. She has five children and twelve grandchildren. She enjoys reading, listening to music, spending time with friends and family, decorating, and shopping. Despite her turbulent life, she finds fulfillment in helping others. Mary has used her life experiences to assist others with their life challenges.


Unforgiving Pain...

I was raised to believe that when someone truly loves you, they will hurt you. I learned at a young age that beatings meant love, no matter how severe. Whether it be my head being rammed into the family stove by the hands of my mother or "Uncle Whomever" feeling me up, love was pain and pain was love. "Unforgiving Pain" chronicles Mary's turbulent young life filled with abuse, pain, and emotional trauma. Accepting rejection, mental anguish, and fear are just a few life lessons she learned before the age of five. This will anger you, make you laugh and cry. All while shining a light on abuse against children and the perpetrator we call Mom.